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Quality Assurance is a significant factor when selecting a telephilanthropy partner.  Unlike generic telemarketing, one of the goals in telephilanthropy is to build a positive, long-term relationship with members and donors. DirectLine has a five-factor quality-assurance process which insures positive interactions.

Employee Training:

Prospective employees are first screened through a telephone interview process that includes reading a sample script. If selected, employees go through a two day Orientation Program that includes mandatory drug screening and a thorough introduction to our company and the specific requirements and duties of the position. During this process the training staff further evaluate the prospective employee for specific skills, and only those possessing the prerequisite skills continue to a four day training program. On the final day of the training program employees begin making calls on behalf of our clients.

Call Monitoring:
Administrative, Sales, and Management staff participate in a rotating schedule of call monitoring, and write detailed monitoring reports that address both strengths and weaknesses of each caller. When a monitoring report is complete it is then forwarded to the calling room managers. All calling is immediately halted, and the contents of the monitoring report are reviewed with each caller. Any necessary re-training or script and rebuttal clarification are given before calling is restarted.

Pledge Recording:
At the point a gift or pledge is accepted, the donor is notified that recording for quality assurance will begin. The segment of the call in which the donor makes the commitment is digitally recorded. These recordings are immediately available to all management staff, and are returned to you, the client, on the Return Data disk provided at the end of the project.

Pledge Verification:
One hundred percent (100%) of all pledge recordings are reviewed and verified by a group of DirectLine staff every morning. No pledge acknowledgement is sent until this verification has occurred.

Complaint Resolution:
The small number of complaints that arise are thoroughly reviewed by our Vice President for Production, our CEO, and your National Account Executive.  Your National Account Executive will also provide you with the results of every complaint review and detail what actions were taken to prevent the problem from reoccurring.


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