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Strategic Solutions:
The list of services in our "Services" menu is not what differentiates us from other telephilanthropy vendors. Our experience, quality control, integrated work environment and technologies allow us to provide cost effective packages of solutions - a strategic rather than tactical approach to increasing participation and bottom-line results.

We invite you to use the "Services" menu to view more extensive information about each service. However, a discussion with one of our National Account Executives can help identify whether you want a single-service project or an integrated campaign. Don't worry, although they are our "sales" people, they are more interested in helping you reach your goals within your budget than in selling you something you don't want or need. Our Account Executives have a great deal of expertise and historical data that is used in support of every recommendation and projection. You can request a contact from an Account Executive by clicking the link to the right.
The majority of our work is with repeat clients. We're happy to work with you on a test project before you look at long-term-strategic campaigns that can significantly increase your level of success.
Unlike many telephilanthropy companies, our integrated production and management information systems allow us to make projections based on actual data from hundreds of campaigns. Your Account Executive can select similar campaigns for similar organizations and get immediate projections from the selected projects.

Our CEO personally reviews and approves every set of projections. We don't create inflated projections to sell you a campaign - we use a wealth of qualified data to let you know what you can realistically expect.

Request a Contact from an Account Executive:
(This will display a brief web form in which you provide a way for us to contact you and information about which services are of interest to you.)

1600 N. Carpenter Road, Building D
Modesto, CA 95351

Phone: 209-491-2020
Toll Free: 800-448-1200
Fax: 209-491-2091

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