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DirectLine Technologies has expertise and experience in designing survey instruments, collecting data, and analyzing information. We provide sound research methodologies with clearly stated results... and clear presentation materials to explain the findings. Read Dialing for Data in CASE Currents magazine, or Using the Critical Incident Survey to Assess Hospital Service Quality in the Journal of Hospital Marketing for a complete introduction to DirectLine's research philosophy. Our staff design surveys for colleges, universities, corporations and associations that seek action-oriented results.

Alumni Surveys:
DirectLine's alumni surveys are individually designed to address the unique needs of your institution. We talk with each client to find out precisely what information is needed, and how the results might be used.

Donor Surveys:
DirectLine's donor surveys are particularly helpful during a time of institutional change. As with alumni surveys, each survey instrument is developed to address the specific concerns of the institution.

Image Studies:
Image studies can provide a useful tool to assist advancement officers in public relations, constituent programming, and fundraising planning. DirectLine carefully examines the constituencies to be surveyed prior to working with client staff to develop the appropriate instrument.

Assessment of Service Quality:
Whether you represent a non-profit agency or a multi-national corporation, DirectLine's Assessment of Service Quality provides often-surprising information about what your customers and constituents think of your performance. Using the proven "Critical Incident Technique" to identify your organization's perceived strengths and weaknesses, we help you develop training and evaluation methods that create measurable improvement.
Web-Based Survey Technologies:
Our calling systems are designed to allow the integration of web-based survey-data collection directly within the program. Web "forms" can be injected directly into the calling script, and the resulting data can be directed to any properly equipped web server - at our site, or directly to a server at your location where you have instantaneous access to the survey results.

Request a Contact from an Account Executive:
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1600 N. Carpenter Road, Building D
Modesto, CA 95351

Phone: 209-491-2020
Toll Free: 800-448-1200
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