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DirectLine Technologies, Inc.

1600 N. Carpenter Road
Building D
Modesto, CA 95351-1145

Phone: 800-448-1200
Facsimile: 209-491-2091


Inquiry Type: Selection:
New Client Inquiries Dial the 800 Number, then Press "1"
Employment Dial the 800 Number, then Press "2"
Accounting Dial the 800 Number, then Press "3"
Employee Directory Dial the 800 Number, then Press "9"
Do Not Call Requests Do Not Call requests submitted through this page may take up to 30 days to be processed.

For faster processing dial 703-637-9245 from the phone whose number you would like placed on the Do Not Call List and your request (based on Caller ID) typically will be automatically processed at 3:00 AM Pacific Standard Time the next day...  or you answer the next call from 703-637-9245 or 866-390-6364 and immediately state "Please place me on your Do Not Call List."

To have an Account Executive contact you about a project, complete and submit the inquiry form below:
Institution or Organization:  
E-Mail Address:  
Information Requested:
Preferred Contact Method:  Telephone          E-Mail


1600 N. Carpenter Road, Building D
Modesto, CA 95351

Phone: 209-491-2020
Toll Free: 800-448-1200
Fax: 209-491-2091

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