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Would you like to have a job where:
  • you can qualify for a raise every 30 days;
  • there is no maximum salary or wage cap;
  • there are promotion opportunities for positions as supervisors, managers, and sales associates;
  • you can earn over $34,000+ a year raising funds for worthy organizations;
  • there is medical, dental and vision insurance available;
  • you qualify to earn paid vacation days ($20 - $106 per month value);
  • you can join the Central Valley Credit Union;
  • you can take college coursework at no cost to you;
  • your employer deposits money into an account for your retirement, that is absolutely free to you;
  • you can earn $250 for referring a friend who passes their 90 day introductory period;
  • you can defer income, tax-free.

Good News!

These are all benefits available to DirectLine Technologies employees. DirectLine Technologies has been a leader in the fund raising telemarketing business for nearly two decades, and has professional Fundraising Team Member positions available now.

Please follow these steps to be considered for immediate hire:

  • Pick up an Application Packet from DirectLine Technologies, at 1600 N. Carpenter Road, Building D, Modesto, California, or you may download the Application Packet or . (Viewing the application file will require the Adobe Acrobat Viewer, which is available as a free download from Adobe Systems).
  • If, after reading the application materials, you wish to apply, complete the Interview Scheduling form, and deliver or mail it to our office.
  • Complete the application within forty-eight hours, so that you can bring the completed application with you to your interview. Familiarize yourself with the sample script, Job Description, and Dress Code.
  • Once you have submitted a properly completed Interview Scheduling form, you will be contacted for a telephone interview which will take about fifteen minutes to complete. You will be asked to read material from the application packet, to help us evaluate your speaking skills (you may also be asked to interview in person.) The contact for a telephone interview will usually take place within three working days of the time you submit your completed Interview Scheduling form.
Applicants who successfully interview will be invited to one of our weekly orientations. You will need to bring the completed application, resume (if available), three business references including phone number, social security card, photo ID or INS approved documents to the orientation.

Training is held weekly. Most applicants complete these steps and are scheduled for training within seven days of their initial application. You could be working in a new career next week!

We look forward to welcoming you as a member of our DirectLine Team.
Work Environment:
DirectLine's current facility was built and opened in 2000. In addition to administrative offices for managers and staff, our call center features comfortable, professionally designed acoustical workstations in a modern professional environment.

Our facility offers a pleasant mix of caller privacy and supervisor access, as well as spacious training rooms. Our monitoring systems permit managers to monitor each solicitation in progress and work with the in-room supervisors for maximum quality control. Unprofessional behavior is not tolerated within the calling center.

Indoor and outdoor break areas are provided to ensure employees remain enthusiastic and have an opportunity to relax in a comfortable environment.

Positions Available!
For a complete listing of current job openings go to

Top 100 Businesses 2013
1600 N. Carpenter Road, Building D
Modesto, CA 95351

Phone: 209-491-2020
Toll Free: 800-448-1200
Fax: 209-491-2091

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