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Looking for cost-effective and innovative ways to reach your constituents ? DirectLine provides Intelligent E-Service Technologies that are part of a complete fund raising strategy... services that can be integrated with our telephone fund raising campaigns or used for inexpensive communications with your constituents.

In addition to our telephone campaigns we can:

  • collect e-mail addresses from donors and members;
  • send acknowledgement letters via e-mail;
  • send pledge-refusal messages via e-mail;

We also provide a complete suite of E-Services:

  • e-mail address collection and validation programs;
  • newsletter announcements and links; 
  • event invitations; 
  • personalized scheduled messages (such as birthday greetings);
  • e-mail surveys

Our E-Mail services include:

  • up to 250 separate merge fields for personalized email content;
  • ability to include attachments;
  • HTML or plain-text email content;
  • scheduled e-mail delivery;
  • "Opt-out" features for your e-mail recipients;
  • full SMTP-level e-mail validations


The Truth About E-Mail:
Although the technology is changing rapidly, large-scale e-mail communication is unreliable at this point in time, and should be used with caution.

E-Mail addresses change rapidly. Those of you who maintain a large database of addresses and phone numbers know how difficult it is to keep contact information up-to-date. E-Mail addresses are far more volatile than physical addresses.

Delivery to accurate Email addresses is further impacted by both personal and organizational attempts to deal with the massive amounts of unsolicited E-Mail being sent every day, as well as concerns about the use of email to spread worms and viruses. Still, this valuable resource, properly used, can help strengthen you organization.

Make sure that any vendor who offers you E-Mail services does "SMTP-Level Validation" of every E-Mail address they use on your behalf.

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