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DirectLine has developed innovative solicitation approaches to help dues based associations attract and retain members. The success of DirectLine's membership development programs can be gauged by our clients' appreciation.

One recent client reported that, "We had the best year in terms of growth in our 125-year history last year. The 7,600+ memberships generated by [DirectLine's] campaign were, by far, the major source of the growth."

Another reported that, "Your Account Executives take the time to understand our organization's mission, vision, and goals. Then we work in partnership to create scripts and training materials that drive bottom line results." Careful scripting, and extensive staff training, ensure that we help alumni understand the difference between association memberships and annual giving.

Renew Recently Lapsed Members:
DirectLine's renewal campaigns have proven extremely effective with both recent and long-term lapsed members. Many of our clients use our services to compliment their direct mail efforts, yielding significantly improved results.

Renew Long-Term Lapsed Members:
Long-term lapsed alumni members present unique challenges in the dues based association. DirectLine's experience working with associations throughout the nation have allowed us to put together campaigns targeted to address the special concerns of long-term lapsed members.

Upgrade Current Members:
Associations which offer life memberships have a unique opportunity to maximize cash flow through our upgrade campaigns. DirectLine's work with a wide variety of associations allows us to understand the impact of diverse membership payment plan models.
Intelligent E-Service Technologies:
Our Intelligent E-Service Technologies provide a cost-effective way to keep in touch with members and prospective members throughout the year. Review our Intelligent E-Service Technologies page to select services that help you communicate with your members on a regular basis.

The coordination of an E-Mail communication to non-members directing them to a web-based newsletter about events and benefits can significantly increase the effectiveness of subsequent membership telemarketing.

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Phone: 209-491-2020
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