Creating Dynamic Menus by v4.5.0

OCX Controls ($10 US) (Only necessary with Classic, WIN32 Only)

DTIBROWSER: an external-area browser using Internet Explorer (no licensing fees). Internet Explorer v 4.0 or later must be installed on the system. 
DTIPERCENT: An Omnis implementation of an Active-X "Slider" control from Global Majic Software that allows you to draw complex percentage displays (round, square, "shaped", linear) with up to thirty value segments per control/display. (Requires a DLL Installer.) 
DTISLIDER: An Omnis implementation of an Active-X "Slider" control from Global Majic Software that allows you to create complex slider controls. (Requires a DLL Installer.) 
DTISPELL:An implementation of VideoSoft's VSSPELL Active-X spell checker that is truly integrated with Omnis, including interactive word-highlighting and updating in your Omnis fields.

Omnis Classic Externals ($10 US)  (Classic and Studio on WIN32)

SYSPATH.DLL: Returns the path to the Windows System Directory or the System32 Directory. SysPath also provides the ability to set the system time, and to shutdown or restart the computer.
STRIPPER: Provides very fast parsing of tab-delimited and comma-delimited files into Omnis fields - deals with quotes and leading and trailing spaces. 
TBGONE: TBGone allows you to (1) Eliminate the Omnis Main-Window Titlebar, thus eliminating the minimize box and the close box; (2) Hide the Menu Bar in the main Omnis window; (3) Set the background of the main Omnis window to match the desktop pattern or picture. You can completely eliminate access to the OS and create a "dedicated desktop" for your application.

Commercial Products  (Classic and Studio on WIN32)

APPCOM: The APPlication COMmunication external provides fast, asynchronous communication between machines running Omnis applications, using TCP/IP. Every Omnis application can send and receive commands and messages from other machines on the network (or on the Internet). AppCom also provides the ability to set the system time, and to shutdown or restart the computer. $75(US)

SOFTDIAL: The SoftDial external is a PC-telephony external that provides the tools to create high-level telephony systems within Omnis. The SoftDial.dll provides control of telephony cards from NMSS Communications, including local station cards, T1 port cards, ISDN port cards, voice recognition, call conferencing, and IP Telephony. (Shipping. No demo, as you must have an NMSS Communications hardware installation to make use of the package: $1,000(US).
TCPTalk: TCPTalk was the original TCP/IP connectivity tool for Omnis Classic. TCPTalk provides a suite of TCP/IP tools, and is structured as an event-handler, eliminating the need to use an Omnis loop to watch for requests. (TCPTalk for both MacOS and Windows is available from Kelly Burgess at Mission Mountain Software)
About Our Omnis Externals:

DirectLine Technologies creates OmnisĀ® Externals solely in support of in-house development projects. As a service we make these externals available to Omnis Developers with minimal fees. You may purchase any external by clicking on the external icon, which will take you to the Kagi Payment Processing Service to place your order.

Those externals which require support are available as commercial products. Externals have been tested on Omnis 7 (Classic) and Studio 4.1B on Windows 2000 and Windows XP. The Shareware and Freeware externals usually work on Classic or Studio on any 32bit version of Windows. Support for other versions of Omnis or other operating systems will occur only if internal projects require it.

OmnisĀ© is a registered trademark of Raining Data Corporation.  

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