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The quality of DirectLine fundraising campaigns is assured by our multiple method approach to manage, monitor, and verify call quality. Our professional call center management staff represents our first line of control, ensuring that solicitors utilize the approved scripts on each and every call. A combination of extensive training, continuous room supervision, one-on-one coaching, and electronic monitoring assists in this process. 

Between calls and throughout the shift, our proprietary technology provides real-time performance graphs which display, on each caller's computer screen, their individual performance in relation to goal for that moment in time - as well as a display of real-time ranking of all callers logged-in to the project during that work shift. Our employees find this continuous feedback motivating and helpful to achievement of performance goals. Between calls, computer screens rotate between informational messages about the project they are working on.

DirectLine Technologies has a "secret shopper" program in which members of our Sales and Senior Management staff spend several hours per week monitoring calls without notifying the supervisors or callers. A written report is prepared weekly for our VP of Production who uses the information to conduct ongoing training at both the group and individual level.

DirectLine Technologies also completes 100% pledge verification. Each commitment to donate or purchase membership to is recorded for quality assurance; every pledge recording is reviewed and personally verified by a DirectLine manager. Our non-profit partners are welcome to visit our call center or call in on our toll free number to listen to calls in progress.

DirectLine chose to develop and utilize a proprietary automated dialing system ("Funder") designed to address the unique sensitivity demands of our clients. Once data has been imported, the system takes care of everything. Funder automatically identifies the appropriate time zone for each record, and adjusts its dialing pace to eliminate hang-ups. Connections to answered call are instantaneous, there is no delay between the time the prospect answers the phone and connection to one of our calling staff.

Funder works through the list selecting the next least frequently dialed record within the authorized time zones, dials, and connects to a waiting fundraiser. Instantaneously our caller hears the prospective donor's first "hello," views the displayed information record, and starts to deliver the approved script which has appeared on-screen.

Review our Company Practices and Privacy Policies for additional information.

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