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google.Com search tips::
A search for...   Returns pages containing...
ruby slippers ruby and slippers, preferring pages with the phrase ruby slippers
ruby OR slippers either the word Ruby or the word slippers
"ruby slippers" the exact phrase ruby slippers
+ruby slippers contains ruby, maybe contains slippers
+ruby +slippers both ruby and slippers in the document, although not necessarily next to one another
+Dorothy -Hamill the name Dorothy; pages containing Hamill are ranked lower
Dorothy Gale the name Dorothy Gale (remember to capitalize proper nouns)
Dorothy * Toto the name Dorothy and the name Toto, separated by one or more words
Keep in mind...
If you are using a plus (+) or minus (-) search operator:
there is a space before the operator, but no space between the operator and the search term.
Example: +Dorothy   +Kansas

Put a plus sign (+) before the first term as well.
Example: +ruby +slippers

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