Review a Case Study for an organization similar to yours to see what results we have achieved and what our clients say about our services.  Then call 1-800-448-1200 and ask to speak to a National Account Representative to request a proposal specific to your organization.
PDF Bozeman Deaconess Foundation
High Response Rates and Strong Customer Service
"I spoke with DirectLine, where I found the staff to be friendly, efficient, and very responsive to our needs."
PDF California Healthcare Institute
Communicating Mission and Acquiring New Members
“DirectLine sets up a turn-key system for reporting that is very well automated and easy to use... which provides everything I need to know about the campaign”
PDF Children’s Hospital & Research Center Oakland
Successful Fundraising is Key to the Mission
“DirectLine has been heads and shoulders above the other companies we used, I’ve been very pleased. I can’t say enough good things about them.”
PDF Irving Healthcare Foundation
Increased Donor Acquisition During Recession
Three consecutive years of success has made me a firm believer in the power of acquiring and renewing donors by phone
PDF KVIE Public Television
Creating a Culture of Giving Among Members
DirectLine was able to increase raised dollars, lower costs, and predict performance with pinpoint accuracy.
PDF New Jersey Institute of Technology
Keeping the Client’s Best Interest in Mind
“They didn’t just take a standard cookie-cutter approach and apply it to us... DirectLine listened to my concerns and created an effective, customized script.”
PDF Teachers College Fund
Amazing Success in Upgrading Former Donors
“More donors, and more donors at a higher level,” said Michael Sclafani, Teachers College’s Director of Annual Giving. “They continue to do that.”
PDF The Southern Miss Alumni Association
Building Strong Alumni Relationships
"From the very first day of calling, I was extremely pleased," said DeFatta, "and particularly surprised by the number of Life memberships sold."
PDF UC Berkeley - California Alumni Association
More Than Double the Response Rates of Direct Mail
"It's more than double [the response rate of direct mail]. We often get nonmembers and lapsed members agreeing to sign up via telemarketing."
PDF UC Santa Barbara Alumni Association
Achieving Long-Term, Steady Growth.
“They’ve helped us understand our alumni and how to contact them in the most effective way... [they] give us valuable information and feedback..."
PDF University of Cincinnati Alumni Association
Income vs. Cost Exceeds Expectation
“We were able to coordinate our efforts with the [Annual Fund] efforts successfully, which was a critical goal.”
PDF University of Missouri Alumni Association
Converting "Unreachable" Records to Paying Members
“DirectLine met and exceeded our expectations for generating new and returning members. DirectLine is a top-notch company committed to preserving the brand and reputation of its clients.”
PDF University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Alumni Association Boosts Response by 10%, Cuts Costs by 80% “DirectLine’s results were ten times that of previous results... We acquired 700 of our new members for the year just in September.”

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